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Using Grep command for search in project sources

Problem: fast search some code blocks in big projects with lots of nested directories using command-line tools.

Solving: you need grep command. Its really great tool for search text in files with regular expressions, coming from Unix OS and now available on Windows, *nix and Mac OS. All you need is:

grep -rin --include="*.php" "function Action(" /path/to/directory/

So, let's consider parameters passed to grep command:

  • -r — the search will be recursive, that is in all subdirectories in our main directory
  • -i — the search will be case insensitive
  • -n — output will contain line numbers
  • --include="*.php" — search will be only in files that has php extension. Of course, available all regular expressions for describing needed file names
  • "function Action(" — needed text
  • /path/to/directory — directory for search accordingly

If you need just filenames without in-line matches, you can use parameter -l:

grep -rinl --include="*.php" "function Action(" /path/to/directory/

That's all - good luck in your search:)

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