воскресенье, 10 марта 2013 г.

Hack admin password for D-Link DIR-300 Wi-Fi router

I recently had a problem with Wi-Fi router Dlink DIR-300. I didn't know admin password for router administration interface (I even didn't know who was its administrator, yeah:)), but there was necessary to change some router settings. Of course, it was possible to reset all router configurations by hardware reset, but I didn't want to set up all from scratch.

So, I started looking for a hacker way:) The way was found quickly. All what we need is to send just one HTTP request to one of the router PHP scripts. Ta-dam!

Open your favourite browser and go to this address:


Router_ip is IP address of your router (in my case it is, and pass is the new password for admin user. That's all! Now you can login in router administration interface using username admin and password pass.

Have a nice day and secure systems:)